Friday, October 29, 2010

The Day Before ...

Okay, just ONE day to go and it's Craft 2.0!! I'm very excited and also a little apprehensive, as this is our first craft market day and we all really want it to be a success. We (Kate, Julia and myself) have all worked really hard and produced some beautiful items over the last couple of months, which I'm sure will sell well.

It's a freezing cold spring day here in Wellington, so I lit the fire this morning in preparation for a day of finishing things. Here are a few pics of my day so far ..

Finishing off another fabric Kaia Babydoll.

And the finished item ...

And here are a few pictures of all my items for Craft 2.0:

I may try and get a couple more things finished before tomorrow, but I have a very busy afternoon ahead, so this may be it. Between the three of us, we have many gorgeous items to choose from, so hopefully the people of Wellington (and whoever may be visiting our lovely city over the weekend) will turn out in droves and buy up large!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Summer Kaia Babydoll

I'm really loving using my sewing machines again for the first time in what seems like ages. I whipped up another summer Kaia, called 'Owls in the Garden' (for the fabric which has cute wee owls dotted amongst the flowers). It's an 18 month old size but still fits my nearly 3 year old slim wee thing!

This will be available at Craft 2.0 this Saturday and hopefully I'll be whipping up another one before then also. Alternatively, email me at to order one in your choice of yarn colour and fabric (I currently have a small range to choose from, but am happy to explore further options).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kaia with a twist

I have been meaning to try this for quite a while, but finally got my act together today and completed my first fabric Kaia Babydoll. Excuse the picture overload, but I'm really pleased with how this has turned out. It looks blue in the picture, but it's actually a deep purple top with a purple and green flowered skirt.

This one is a size two and Tessa loves it!  It will be available for sale (along with a couple of others) at Craft 2.0 THIS Saturday!!

I've also recently finished a Young Einstein in lovely soft Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton, in a size 0 - 3 months:

With Craft 2.0 only 4 days away, the tension and excitement is building here. I feel I have a million things to do, but it's all falling into place nicely and I can't wait for the day to be here!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I had great intentions of posting every day this month, for Blogtoberfest, but have failed miserably. However, I have probably already posted more this month than any other in recent history - so it's all good!

Anyway, as it's late and I have to get up at 6 to be at work for 7 tomorrow morning (boo hiss), I'll get to the point - my most recent finished object for Craft 2.0. Meet 'Sweetheart', a very sweet wee Kaia Babydoll, from designer Rachel Evans, in a size 6 months. I'm not sure what yarn it is, but it's lovely and soft. I attempted a different lace panel at the bottom this time - it's supposed to be wee hearts (hence the name ;-) ), but I was seriously running out of yarn, so finished a couple of rows too early. However I actually prefer the lace panel that this has created and think it fits perfectly.

This Babydoll is truely a one of a kind as I only have a tiny bit of the yarn left, and have no idea of the origin of the yarn as I bought it in a destash of an Aussie knitter on Ravelry. It's been hand dyed and that, combined with the different lace panel, means replicating this particular Babydoll would be extremely difficult.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coco Kids at Craft 2.0

Coco Kids has been spotlighted on the Craft 2.0 blog, so pop on over there and check us out.  It's getting exciting now - the countdown to the Big Day! I have to admit I'm a little nervous and hope that the general public (otherwise known as the discerning shoppers at Craft 2.0) love our work as much as we love creating it!

With far too many beautiful items left to create, I am madly knitting so that I will have a range of items to choose from. Julia, who is just amazing with the speed she can knit, has created some adorable items, as has the lovely Kate and I'm hoping to have a few more by the time the 30th rolls around as well - and between us we will have a stall of gorgeous items - something for everyone!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Magic Adam

I am slowly amassing a good collection of Anchor Magicline cottons - only I'm going to be too afraid to actually knit them up as Anchor Magicline has been discontinued and once it's gone, it's gone baby! Anyway, this is a colourway I don't love (and have 10 balls of) so I thought I'd knit it into an Eden's Adam, by designer Georgie Hallam (tikki on Ravlery). It's actually knit up much better than I anticipated and I really like the finished product!

This one's a size 2 and is a perfect summer top.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Owly Milo

Just a very quick update from me. I recently knit my first ever Milo, by tikki (Georgie Hallam), and I can't believe I've never knit one before! It is a really fun knit - quick and easy with great results. This one is a newborn size, but knit in 10 ply Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury yarn, so after blocking it turned out to be about a 0 -3 month size - perfect for the wee boy it is for.

This is for an old family friend and I'm really hoping she loves it as much as I do! I'll definitely be knitting more of these and experiment with a few different cable options.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogtober fest fail!

Yikes! I think I'm supposed to be posting everyday during October, but have failed miserably already! Ah well, I'll do what I can and that'll be fine :) 

The school holidays are nearly over and we've done very little in the way of activities outside the house this time, as I've been sick with a nasty cold that has lingered for a week and a half so far. The kids have been amazing though, with the boys going off to play soccer down at the school, or doing things with friends, and Izzy having play dates with friends as well. We've had a few sleepovers, with the kids going to friends for them and having friends here. So, although we haven't 'done' a lot, the kids have been happy and relaxed and so have I - most of the time! Of course, there have been some rather aggravating sibling rivalry moments, and some mother/child 'discussions' (possibly slightly heated at times!), but overall it's been quite pleasant.

Knitting-wise I'm so far behind in getting enough stock for Craft 2.0 it's freaking me out slightly (well, a lot!) but I can only do what I can do, so I'm plodding along. I will have stuff to sell, but just not as much as I'd ideally like.

I'm also quite keen to do some sewing, but my poor sewing machines (yes, plural) have been sadly neglected of late. Come November all that will change and I shall be having some fun - some selfish knitting and sewing will be going on, to create some lovely items for my kids, my family and friends. Christmas is fast approaching, so I'd better get my A into G for that too!  Wouldn't it be nice if time could just slow down a bit sometimes?!

I have finished one item in the last few days - yes, another for Craft 2.0. It's another Kaia Babydoll, knitted in BWM cotton and striped this time, just for a change. It's a size 12 months (not a great picture, as it's still got ends to sew in and hasn't been blocked yet).

Right, I'd better go and get organised and take the girls out of the house for a bit as both boys have gone to a friend's house for a while.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paige Babydoll

I thought I'd already blogged about this, but when I went to look I realised I haven't! So here we go ...

I currently have the cottage licenses for Rachel Evans' Kaia Babydoll and Spring Butterfly and recently I was delighted to test a sister Babydoll to the Kaia - the Paige Babydoll by Rachel Evans. It was a pleasure to knit, especially as I was using some lovely soft yarn from 100Purewool in the Santino colourway.

There are two options with this gorgeous wee babydoll top - a full skirt option and a cabled option (which is what I did). It's due for release soon, so keep an eye out - it's a lovely quick knit which looks lovely on and is practical for all year round wear. It can be knit in sizes newborn to 5T.



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blossom Bolero

Another test knit for me! This time the gorgeous pattern is from designer Katherine Oxlade-Knack (StitchyMama on Ravelry) and I had fun with this cute wee bolero cardiagn - it's perfect for over cute dresses or as a slightly warmer layer in summer. This 18 month sized, long sleeved version is knit in WOOLganics 100% organic merino yarn and has a picot trim. I can't wait to knit it again with the bell pleat finish and short sleeved, as I think it's so cute and practical at the same time.

I managed to mess up the edge a little bit, so the buttons are probably slightly further apart than they should be, but I'll get it perfect next time - it was a case of me not concentrating properly and doing it late at night!

I really love this pattern, and if you think it would be a great pattern to add to my custom collection, let me know - make a comment on this post.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogtober Fest!!

Well, now it's October it seems Blogtober Fest is in full swing already! I am delighted to have been selected for an award by the lovely Kate - thanks hun :)   I accept!

Now here are the rules:

1. Accept the award. (Post it on your blog along with the name and link of the person who has awarded it to you.)

2. Pay it forward to between 5 and 15 other bloggers whom you’ve recently discovered.
3. Contact the bloggers and let them know that they have been chosen.

Here’s My List:

1. The Bird's Nest

2. Just One WIP

3. Found in the Sea

4. Tales of the Redheaded Devil Child

5. Purdy Peas

Two new custom knits

Recently I've been fortunate to have test knitted both the Cassia tunic/dress by designer Georgi Hallam (tikki on Ravelry) and the Yacht Club Skirt by designer Elena Nodel (Anadiomena on Ravelry). I am very happy to announce that both of these talented designers have gifted me the Cottage Licenses to knit these lovely patterns to sell!

Both of these garments are great all year round and can be knitted using either wool or cotton to accommodate the different seasons.

Email me at: to order (custom slots now open for November).

Yacht Club Skirt