Saturday, November 7, 2009

School Fair Madness

Well, I have spent the last week sewing madly, trying to make things for our school fair. It's funny how you think you'll have loads of time to make things, but in reality life is normally fairly busy with four children anyway (and one of those is a demanding, time consuming bundle of nearly two year old energy!), and all the extra things to do get pushed into small pockets of time. I didn't manage to make quite as many things as I would have liked, but I did make a few:

Some bunting - I made 5 of these, 4 of which had 7 flags, and the other one had 6.

Book bags - I made four of these, two 'boy' type patterns (roads, as pictured, and pirate ships) and two 'girl' type fabrics (green floral and pink floral).

A wee card wallet - I just made this up and quickly sewed it together, but I might perfect the design and make a few more. Very handy for all those spare cards that don't quite fit into your normal wallet. I put snap closures on the wallet part, so paper money doesn't fall out. You may recognise the fabric from my needlecase, lol!

A total of 11 nappies (the others were already at school when I took this picture). The top three are made from my own pattern, and the others from a couple of different patterns I have (Button Boo and Very Baby).

I love cuteness factor of the newborn nappy (made from Shar's newborn pattern on TNN), here pictured next to a medium/large nappy from my own pattern.

I also made a couple of cute notebook holders/passport holders, like these ones.

 Some of these items will be available for sale on here shortly, so if you are interested in anything, please ask and I will do my best to fulfill your requests.


  1. All looks wonderfl Ali! Particularly love the blue and white bunting :)

  2. Oh Ali!
    I thought that might be what you were meaning by a bunting.
    I went and brought myself some pinking shears yesterday to make some.
    Just need to find some inspirational fabric now.
    What did you use for the long ropey type bit?

  3. You are so clever! And that's so good of you to sew like that for the fair :)

  4. Thanks guys :)

    The long ropey bit is actually a heavy duty cloth binding that I folded over and sewed the 'flag' bits inside. I've used snaps at each end to create a 'loop' to either slip over a hook, or clip onto something.


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