Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday

Yes, after a break of a couple of weeks, I'm back with my Tuesday's Tally. It's been a busy couple of weeks, with my baby turning 4 and organising her party (not that organising it to be held at Junglerama was difficult, but you know what I mean!) and various other bits and pieces going on.

Anyhoo, this will be short and sweet as I have much crocheting to do if I want to have it done by Christmas!  Here is my progress to date: 97 squares with at least another one or two to be finished by the end of today.

Well, that's it! I haven't laid them all out for a while and looking at it I think I'm only about halfway - yikes! That's a tad demoralising I must say, but I will carry on and hopefully get a whole heap more done and get them all together by Christmas.

Oh, and I *may* have started a new, smaller blanket last night as well - more on that next time ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A few random photos

Birthday girl

 A very reluctant candle blower outer!! (she's afraid of the fire, lol)

The gift haul (or most of it - the microwave is out of view and we already had the doll, she's just modelling the doll clothes Tess was given by her grandmother)

Tess doing ballet and wearing the outfit her Yiayia gave her.

Before and after pics of my recent haircut. The before photos were taken first thing in the morning and I looked pretty terrible!! And the after pic was taken by me, so not the best either!
 Before (bleurgh!)

After - note my eyebrows are also looking a tad tidier here!

And here's my latest creation - handbag/knitting bag based loosely on the Offhand Designs bags I love and also another Etsy bag maker, Julian Baglady. I'm pretty happy with it, although there are a few wee flaws and I'd change a couple of things next time.

Oh, and last but not least, here's a bad (iphone) pic of a little injury Tess suffered on Friday - she managed to stand on a stack of about 10 staples at kindy and one whole side was completely embedded in her foot, with the other side in about a millimetre!! Poor wee poppet! We had to wait for ages at the Medical Centre before the doctor managed to pull them out. Her foot was all bandaged up for her party at Junglerama on Saturday, but luckily it didn't seem to cause any problems.

The bottom of the picture is where the staples are completely sunken into her foot!

Right, I'll be posting about my blanket progress on Tuesday - have been too busy recently to update.  Bye for now :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tessa turns 4

Well, it's the beginning of birthday season in our house. Tessa kicked things off with her birthday on November the 9th. She was very excited and is still very excited because her party will be held on Saturday the 12th, so it's more like a party week here! Her birthday was a lovely day, starting by her opening a couple of presents at home before Daddy left for work and her big sisters and brothers went to school:



Then after this early morning activity and the big kids and Daddy had headed off, we got ready and raced into town to join our very dear friend Nicki at a cafe for a spot of coffee (or hot chocolate in the wee princess's case) and cake.Nicki gave her a cute little 'special things' container, which has since taken pride of place on her dressing table. We went to Martha's Pantry, a cute little cafe in central Wellington. I happened to mention that it was Tessa's birthday and the lovely staff popped a candle in her chosen slice of gorgeous pink cake. Unfortunately the candle proved slightly worrisome for Tess and she was rather wary of getting too close (clever chicken!), so she and I blew it out together.



After this lovely morning tea, I dropped Tess to kindy and and went to work as usual. Our afternoon was spent with our family and Tess had a lovely time opening the rest of her presents so far.

The Ice Age 3 dvd was a great hit - she loves it!!

So that was her day, and it was lovely :-). It seems like only a blink of an eye since she was born, so teeny tiny and snuggled up in my arms and here she is, a lovely, happy, cheeky, chatty, singing, dancing little bundle of four year old energy!! Can the growing up part just slow down now please??!! My baby isn't a baby any more and this Mama is just a wee bit sad. And yet so very proud of my delightful little girl <3