Monday, July 26, 2010

Vest Test

I love test knits! I have one more I will be casting on in the next day or two as well, but this is one I finished recently that has to be one of the quickest knits I've done in a while. It is the brainchild of Julie Gilliver and is a very clever design that involves no seaming (the best kind of pattern!) and can be knit in 8, 10 or 12 ply yarn. I knit this one in 12 ply, but my trim was bulkier than the main yarn, so it doesn't look quite as streamlined as it could do. I really like it however, and will post the link to the pattern once it's been released. This one was knit using Wicked Knits 12 ply yarn in the Little Boy Blue colourway.


Izzy's Oriental Lily

Waaaaaay back in January I did a test knit for the fabulous Tikki - she needed the larger sizes of the very popular Oriental Lily tested, but only until after the obi. So I duly knitted my test until just after the obi and then stopped (due to other custom orders, birthdays, life, etc) and it stayed at that point until a few days ago when I had a small breather between orders and test knits. I finally finished it and luckily it still fits the very patient Izzy perfectly - and she loves it, which is an added bonus, lol!

This is a size 6 with added length, as Izzy is 8 but quite petite. It is knit using The Wool Company's Sunset with Amethyst trim.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teacher's Pet

This is Julia's newest pattern and I have been itching to write about and show pictures of this gorgeous pattern since I finished knitting it, but needed to wait until the pattern is nearly ready for release - which it is now!!  I LOVE this pattern! It's such a cute, girly dress, with so many options. It's at least 3 different dresses in the one pattern - it can be knit with a full skirt, like this one, or with two different types of pleats. The one I have done is from version 1 of the test pattern and is with the scalloped pleats. It has a couple more pleats than the finished pattern, which enables it to twirl really nicely. Tess loves it too, and is constantly asking to wear it - so it's obviously comfortable for her as well. The other pleat type is a box pleat, which is wider at the top, and flatter overall (which is what I'm going to knit next!).


This one is a size 18 -24 months, or 20" chest measurement. It's knit using Ruby Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury yarn in 8 ply. Because this yarn is very soft and has a propensity to 'grow' I knitted this a bit shorter than the pattern suggested and it 'grew' to the perfect length when blocked. I can't wait to cast on my next one!

This pattern will be released very soon - and I'm sure will be a hit as it's a great design and a fun knit.

Hotshot Vestee

A while ago I got some sewing machine feet from a friend for a machine I picked up secondhand from our local recycling shop at the tip (yeah, sounds worse than it is!). We agreed on a swap rather than money changing hands, so I knit her wee boy one of Julia's newly released patterns, the Hotshot Vestee. I have it here modelled on Tessa, but I will hopefully be able to load a couple of pictures of him wearing it, once she's received it and modelled it on him.



I really love these patterns - easy to follow and so practical and versatile! I might need to knit another one like this for Tessa when I get a chance. This one is a size 18 - 24 months, knit with Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury in 8 ply. The colourway is Olive Moss.

I am able to custom knit all of Julia's new patterns, so if you'd like one knitted for you send me an email and I will give you details of prices and availability. At this stage I'll be knitting madly for Craft 2.0 in October, so custom slots will be very limited.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Amy's Galore!

I have just finished an order for a 2 year old sized Amy Pinafore and a matching Pinny for a Dolly, both by designer Kelly Brooker . Lots of fun to create a little matching set - a great birthday gift for a wee princess :)  I loved the yarn, which was provided by the customer, and the set was a delight to knit. I think I may have to knit a few of these wee sets as gift sets for Christmas!

 The Amy Pinafore

             The Pinny for a Dolly

Both together - awww!
The Pinny for a Dolly being modelled!

For more in formation, or to order either of these items, or any from Kelly Brooker's fabulous March Sisters range, email me here.