Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teacher's Pet

This is Julia's newest pattern and I have been itching to write about and show pictures of this gorgeous pattern since I finished knitting it, but needed to wait until the pattern is nearly ready for release - which it is now!!  I LOVE this pattern! It's such a cute, girly dress, with so many options. It's at least 3 different dresses in the one pattern - it can be knit with a full skirt, like this one, or with two different types of pleats. The one I have done is from version 1 of the test pattern and is with the scalloped pleats. It has a couple more pleats than the finished pattern, which enables it to twirl really nicely. Tess loves it too, and is constantly asking to wear it - so it's obviously comfortable for her as well. The other pleat type is a box pleat, which is wider at the top, and flatter overall (which is what I'm going to knit next!).


This one is a size 18 -24 months, or 20" chest measurement. It's knit using Ruby Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury yarn in 8 ply. Because this yarn is very soft and has a propensity to 'grow' I knitted this a bit shorter than the pattern suggested and it 'grew' to the perfect length when blocked. I can't wait to cast on my next one!

This pattern will be released very soon - and I'm sure will be a hit as it's a great design and a fun knit.


  1. Wow, that's gorgeous! Love the colour too. And your wee model looks like she's having a great time posing ;-)

  2. Thanks Megan - I love the colour too :). Yes, she loved modelling for me - she's a little poser!!

  3. You took absolutely amazing photos Ali, as well as being a fab tester! Thanks so much! Hope you don't mind, I've popped one of your pics up on my blog :)

  4. Thanks guys :) It is the greatest dress ever - I totally love it!! And of course I don't mind you putting a pic up on your blog, Jules :)


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