Sunday, December 5, 2010

We now have a teenager in the house!

Fin's birthday was on Friday (the 3rd) and he turned 13!! Yikes - I'm a bit horrified that my baby is now thirteen years old. It just seems like yesterday that I was 13 and starting high school, never mind having a child who is 13 and will be heading off to high school next year!

He had a great time with his friends, going bowling and then stopping in at McDonalds for dinner (their choice - blerk!) then home to do teenagery boy things, like hang out on the tramp and chase each other around the backyard.

Here are a few birthday pics (not very exciting and he's still in his school uniform as we hadn't been home since the end of his school day).

The less-than-impressive 'cake'

Can't keep his hands off his new 'toy'!

I've been hearing some horror stories about teenagers lately so am feeling a bit freaked out about this new phase we're entering into. Hopefully he'll ease us into it (although I don't fancy my chances if recent events and behaviour are anything to go by!).

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