Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today I had a lovely surprise when I checked the letterbox. There was a parcel for me (always a good start!) and inside it was a replacement frame for one of my cherished Offhand Designs bags and ...

voila, two gorgeous needlecases!! Two lovely people from a Ravelry group I'm on have each gifted me a needlecase (one for fixed circulars and one for interchangeables) from the recent Offhand Designs sale on Etsy.  The photo really doesn't do these needlecases justice - they're beautifully made and are already filled with all my needles.

I also finished a dolly Darwinia dress test knit for designer Georgie Hallam (aka Tikki).  It's so cute and destined to make up part of Tessa's 4th birthday present in November. 

Eddie was slightly freaked out by the dolly!!

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