Friday, July 8, 2011

New additions to my family

Well, I have been a wee bit naughty of late and we now have a couple of additions to our family.

Yesterday I popped into a nearby secondhand store and found this wee gem:

She is a Singer 201K, made in 1955 in Clydebank, Scotland and I am in love (must be my Scottish heritage coming out in me!)! Of course I couldn't possibly leave her there, all lonely and forlorn. So she came home with me and I am very happy to welcome her into my family (the rest of the family is slightly less enthusiastic, but we won't worry about them!).

Isn't she beautiful?  She does have a couple of idiosyncrasies (sp?), like I left her plugged in while I checked online for a manual and she suddenly started sewing all by herself!! Luckily she wasn't threaded and had no fabric under the presser foot at the time, so no harm done - although it was rather odd! I'll ask my dearest brother (and only brother) to check her wiring out as he's an electrician by trade and I'm sure he'd love to help me out!

And today we welcomed two new wee family members, as yet un-named.

The children picked them out and I was a little surprised they chose these two as I expected some bright colours. But I had mentioned I quite liked the wee pale grey one (almost white) and they noticed the darker grey one and the light grey one were quite snuggly so didn't want to separate them. Isn't that sweet?? 

They're both very young - too young to know what sex they are yet. The darker grey one will probably go more blue has he/she gets older as he/she's only about 6-8 weeks old at the moment. The other one is around 3 months old. Their new home is quite spacious for them and we're also hoping we can tame them enough to come out of the cage fom time to time.

Needless to say, the cats aren't terribly impressed that we are not allowing them anywhere near their 'snacks'!! And would it be wrong to mention here that when we got home with the two wee budgie babies, I saw that one of the cats had caught and 'disposed' of a bird while we were out? Naughty cats!!! And slightly ironic?!

Also here is a ballet cardigan that I knitted for Tess, only I used one pattern as my starting point and then made it up after that, but used the stitch numbers of the first pattern and totally forgot to factor in ease, so this is a bit big for Tess. Luckily the other little girl she does ballet with wants one too, so she's going to have this one and I will knit another for Tess.

And that's all from me for this week!

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  1. Lovely machine!! Hope the wiring is good or can be fixed easily. The birds are so cute! Great additions.


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