Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Look!

Welcome to my new look blog - I have been playing around as I was getting very bored with my previous design. Anyway, I like the new one as it's bright and cheerful - and looking at some of my gorgeous yarn makes me happy!

I've been in a major knitting lull recently, but have been chipping away at a few projects. I can't show a couple of them yet, mainly because I haven't yet blocked them so can't take pics - oops! I did try my hand at something new last weekend, which was fun and I'm quite happy with the result.

This purse was for my mother's birthday and luckily she loves it. I followed this tutorial, but had to modify it significantly to factor in the fact that my purse had a double opening frame, so I needed to put a divider between the two sides and I wanted to add card slots as well.

I love the size of this - it will take at least 10 cards as they can fit in the slots two deep and it also fits my iphone, which is very handy. I need to make one of these for me now - and I did learn a lot from this one.

I have recently also whipped up a hat for Kim - although I upsized my needles from the last one I knitted (for Fin's friend who shaved his head for cancer research fundraising) so it's slightly bigger than he'd like.

The hat for Fin's friend
Kim's hat

I also haven't shown a recent custom knit either, so here's a cute wee Teacher's Pet I knitted for a wee four year old girl.

And a dress I sewed for Tessa using a vintage sheet and from a combination of this tutorial and this one.

Anyway, thats all for now - more next time. Take care all New Zealanders and stay warm - for all those non New Zealanders who may be reading this, we're having a major cold snap here at the moment and have actually had snow in Wellington!!!


  1. lovely new blog!!!! and spotted the red ribbons on some of the yarn hehehe x

  2. love the new look , some of that wool is just beautiful !

  3. I love your header, I like that by just reading this post your header if very you:)

  4. *is (and that is why I should read what I've typed before I send)

  5. Thanks guys :). And yes, Hannah, two of those hanks are yours - love them!! Thanks Michelle! xx

  6. crochet with raymondAugust 15, 2011 at 7:47 AM

    Love the header, it's enough to make one want to go and buy lots of lovely yarn!!! :OD
    Hope you're nice and warm over the hill from me, I was quite disappointed at the lack of snow, I was hoping I would be snowed in and unable to go to polytech :O(
    Love that purse, it is sooooooo cool! Clever you!


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