Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tally Time!

I have been very slack at updating on Tuesdays, but I have finally got my act together and have made a little progress on my blanket. I am panicking slightly that I won't get it finished in time, but I will do what I can and reassess closer to the big day. I haven't finished many more squares, but have been concentrating on joining the squares together. These are shown partially joined and they will spread considerably with blocking also. It's sitting on a king single bed, so hopefully once it's finished, blocked and had a border added, it'll fit Tessa's single bed perfectly.

I've also been busy finishing other things too, as well as racing around carting children to and from a zillion activities and end of year events.

Here's a wee shrug I finished last night that will be part of Tessa's Christmas presents. The photo shows it unblocked and unmodelled - I'll get better pics of her wearing it after Christmas. The pattern is gorgeous and so easy - it's a new pattern by Kelly Brooker, called the Cornwall Park Shrug. I can't wait to see this on Tess!

This coming weekend is my daughters' dance recital. I'm a tad worried about how my 4 year old will cope being on stage for the first time, although she's very excited about it. I'm so looking forward to my mother coming up on Friday as she'll be able to see the recital in real life for the first time, rather than on dvd. My 9 year old is doing so well with her dancing and if the rehearsal the other day was anything to go by, she's going to do fantastically!  I helped out with costumes on the weekend, by sewing on some lace to the tutus that Izzy's ballet group will be wearing - I can't wait to see them worn and danced in.

And finally, I thought I'd add some photos of the lovely place where I live. These were all taken while I was out on a walk around the street above my house a few days ago. The views encompass both sides of the hill on which I live. While walking and taking pictures I realised how lucky I am to be living in such a beautiful environment. And while I get annoyed at times living so far up a hill and having to drive to get to anywhere (easily), there are advantages too.

The photo below shows the little school (with the red roofs) that Tess will be going to next year. It's such a lovely little school, with lots of greenery and play areas, some chickens and a children's garden. And across the water is the airport.

This photo is from the street above looking down on my street.

And here was the view from my living room window last night. The hills in the distance are the Kaikoura Ranges in the South Island.

Despite my continual complaints about our weather here in Wellington, I do love this little city.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to add that you can check out Gingerbread Girl's blog for regular updates on the other people participating in Tuesday's Tallys.


  1. WOW! you have been so busy. I do love your blanket and love to see the progress you make. I love the shrug.
    Hope your daughters recital goes well.
    Your town looks lovely so picturesque.

  2. Your blanket is beautiful, the colours are so vibrant. Good luck with the recital :)

  3. The blanket is just beautiful I do hope you get it finished it time it will just be lovely. The little shrug is adorable too. You have been so busy crocheting knitting and sewing costumes. I hope everyone does well in their recital I can't wait till our little princess is big enough to dance. Daddy wants her to do Karate like him but I'm so hoping for a ballerina oh well what will be will be. I keep saying he has 2 boys let me have the girl lol.

  4. Your beautiful blanket is going so well...doesn't it make you feel so proud when you see it all laid out like that... like a work of art! The little shrug is lovely too...can't wait to see the modeled photos. You truly do live in a beautiful place...not many people on the bloggy world can show such beautiful photos. Good luck to the girls with their dancing.,..I did my first stage performance at 4 too... and loved every minute of it! :)x

  5. You live in such a beautiful place and that shrug! Too cute. I had forgotten how nice those squares were that you made. Look at them snuggling together. They look amazing! It will be perfect when it is all done.

  6. I love your blog and put you in for the Liebster Blog award.

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments - and thank you Kashi for putting me in for the Liebster Blog award!!

  8. Love the blanket and shrug. Hope the recital goes well. You certainly do live in a lovely place!

  9. You've done LOADS of squares! Don't worry about your progress it's looking great to me :-) Hope the recital goes well I bet she'll have a great time on the stage x


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