Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to Summer!

Well it's officially the first day of summer here in New Zealand, and a glorious day it has been - as well as the beginning of the crazy Christmas season! I'm trying to do things a little differently this year for Christmas. Usually I have great intentions of making things and being organised but then end up leaving things to the last minute and having to buy stuff I'd rather not have to buy and dashing madly around getting all hot, bothered and stressed! I'm sure that will also happen this year, but hopefully to a much lesser extent.

I am feeling amazingly calm and happy at the moment, in part due to not having to organise a birthday party for my eldest child for the first time in 14 years. Yes, my son is turning 14 on Saturday the 3rd of December and that just blows me away. How is it possible I have a 14 year old child young adult?! It often seems of late that the hours, days, months and years are just whizzing by and picking up speed as they go. Surely I'm only just out of my 20's??? Hmmm, seemingly not. And given that my dear spouse and I have just celebrated 16 years of matrimonial bliss and 21 years of being together I guess I have to accept the fact that I am no longer a spring chicken and that my kids are fast growing up.

Anyway, enough philosophising (if that's what I was doing!) and back to what I've been up to. Unfortunately I've been busy doing many things, so I haven't made as much progress on my Flowers in the Snow blanket. I can tell you I have completed over 100 squares but I can't be more specific as I haven't counted them recently. I have been busy making dishcloths for gifts for my daughters' school and kindy teachers, Christmas ornaments for a swap (14 of them) and also the start of a new blanket for a friend's new grandchild. Oh and I've also quickly whipped up an Advent Calendar for my children!



... and some crochet goodness :)

This is the new blanket I am making - a Vintage Vertical Stripe blanket, which I'm loving!!

The collection of dishcloths I've made for teacher's gifts:

And my blanket squares along with all my other crochet work (apart from the decorations which I've only just sent off today so I can't show them yet).

That's it for now - I have many other things I want to make and do in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully there'll be more to show soon.


  1. You have a lot of lovely projects, your rainbow looking blanket is amazing, the colours are very vibrant!

    I love your little advent calender, its beautiful

  2. Lovley projects. Love the advent calendar!!

  3. I love that advent calendar, looks awesome! Hope you have a great Christmas xxx

  4. How clever, to make that advent calendar. I'd have to start this year for next Christmas!!
    Your projects are wonderful, the star dishcloths is far to lovely to use and the new blanket is wonderfully bright and cheerful.


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