Friday, January 6, 2012


After my bright idea yesterday, I went out to pick up Kim's replacement turntable (the one I bought him for Christmas got stuck on the wrong speed - somewhere between 45 and 33!) and drove past a Salvation Army shop. So I stopped - as you do when you've decided to make a quilt/duvet cover using only pre-loved materials! The first thing I spotted was a really cute wee art deco-ish armchair. I immediately asked them to hold it for me while I ruminated on it (and searched for fabric). I got a whole heap of clothing and vintage sheets to re-purpose and decided I should really pass on the armchair as I'm also trying to spend as little as possible at the moment.

Well that worked for all of about 10 seconds before I turned around, went back and paid for the armchair! I'm hopeless - it's no wonder we can't afford to buy a house yet!!

Anyway, here's my progress on my patchwork duvet cover from stash and my newest piece of furniture:

Oh, and I don't think I ever blogged about my little foot stool either. I bought it at a local thrift store early last year (2011) and peeled back all it's ugly layers and recovered it.

From this (blerk!)

I quite like the inside fabric, so have left that.

This was interesting to discover! I quite like the candlewick effect, but sadly it was stained and a bit ick, so had to go.

And this was the original layer of fabric. Not heinous, but not really my style either. It's still under there though, just in case!

I also love that the wheels on both the armchair and the footstool/glory box watchamacallit are the same! It's the little things ;)


  1. This is a lovely little post, your little footstool looks lovely after the love and attention you have given it. And I reallly love that patchwork duvey cover, it looks gorgeous!!!

  2. Lovely footstool... well after the layers of fabric were pulled off and the new one put on :) We really need something like that here because we've had to put our coffee table away (kids falling into the sharp corners whats with that) and this would give storage as well as a spot to rest your feet!!


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