Monday, March 5, 2012

Catching up

Slack, slacker and slackest! I have been very bad, and not posted for aaaaages. And the worst thing is that the longer it is since I last posted, the harder it is to get back on the horse. Too much catch up stuff to do!

Well, I'm going to cover January's and February's doings with a photo mosaic of each month.  Ollie turned 12 in January but his bad mother didn't really get any photos of his party (bad mother!!) and Izzy turned 10 in February and I did get some pics of her birthday.



I also had my birthday in February, right towards the end, but the less said about me getting older the better!!

I've just completed my first March knit, in preparation for the cooler Autumn weather. This is another test knit for Georgie Hallam, Tikki on Ravelry. It's called Lavender and was originally designed to be used as a chemo hat, knit in gorgeous WOOLganics organic merino yarn, with the softer, stocking stitch side of the yarn on the inside, so as not to irritate sensitive skin. But, of course this is a fabulous hat for anyone to wear and the very cute, mock cable resembles lavender as it hangs upside down to dry. It was a really fun knit and I am excited to be able to add this hat to my list of custom knits (once it's released).

And as you can see, it fits my 10 year old as well as me!!

I have several projects lined up for this month, including a 'quiet' test knit which I'm really excited about as it's very cool!!  Right, that's it from me for now - hopefully it won't take me as long to post again ...


  1. Hi. Just to let you know there is an award on my blog for you

  2. Thank you MeggyMoo! Only I can't go to your blog site as it won't let me!! Can you give me the web link to your blog? Thanks :)

  3. Not as slack as me, I'm 3 weeks late commenting lol. Love the pic mosaics - great to see what you've all been up to.


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