Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pinny for a Dolly

This is (finally) my Pinny for a Dolly, that I actually finished about a week ago, but have been away at a lovely friend's house to 'look after it' (read have a mini break) while her family was away. I have entered this into Kelly's Pinny for a Dolly competition, although it is minus the crocheted flower that I made for it, as it has vanished into the ether and I couldn't find it in time. I will be doing an extensive search in the morning and adding it on later.  Excuse the photos again - done at night and in very uninspiring surroundings.

Update: 7 October - I have found the flower I crocheted and have added it to my Pinny, but not sure how effective it is. Hmmmm ...

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  1. I love this wee Pinny Ali!
    The yarn looks a bit like Twilleys?


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