Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I haven't been on here in a while - in fact January has been a complete write-off! Our lovely summer holiday (all one week of it) in Ohope which followed Christmas, DS 2's 10th birthday and in the midst of the school holidays, left little time for blogging. Well, school's back and so am I! I will post a couple of pics of our holiday away, where we got to see many sightings of Moko the dolphin as he camped out in the sea right in front of our beach house.

The kids all had a ball and it was very relaxing. We had been dreading the drive up and back as last year (when we stayed in the same place) Tess had screamed most of the car journey home and quite a bit on the way up - very stressful. But this year she was wonderful - very chatty and happy, despite not actually sleeping in the car, except for the journey back when she fell asleep 4 minutes from home!!

I am now officially on a yarn buying ban and have joined a shop the stash group on Ravelry. My yarn collection is rather large (see below) and it really needs to be used up before I go buying anymore wool.

(that's a king size bed, by the way)

I think the picture says it all, don't you?!

I have also joined a few other Ravelry challenges this year, namely 10 in 2010 - which is basically knitting 10 of many different things (there are different categories), which should keep me busy and motivated, and will hopefully help with the shopping the stash challenge too :)  I'll take an updated picture of the stash later in the year to help me track my progress.

I have been knitting during my January break from here, but there's not a lot to show for it yet. I'll display the things I've knitted as I go through them. Right, it's pretty late right now so I'll be finishing now and back in the next few days with some items I've knitted recently.


  1. Lovely photo's Ali. Still crack up at your yarn stash, it's very very impressive :)

  2. Hmmm .... impressive is not the term my husband uses to describe it!!

  3. Hehe. My stash isn't much less impressive. So I'm not the only one who lays it all out on the bed to admire!


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