Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crafty weekend of fun!

Another recent event (although it seems long ago now) was a crafty weekend away with some lovely friends to a wonderful retreat just out of Otaki. We arrived on a Friday evening and spent the weekend being well fed, and inspired by all the crafty wonderfulness! I haven't posted any pics of people's faces (in case they don't want to be shown) - and this will probably be picture overload, but here goes:

The venue was lovely and very comfortable, with a cosy fire burning in the very roomy living room in the evenings. We had so much fun and there was much laughter and crafty goodness happening - and very little sleep! The food was awesome, thanks to one of our number who, even though she had a very small baby with her and two at home, managed to plan and shop for all our meal requirements!

We had organised to do a yarn swap while on the weekend, so here are some pics of the swaps.

This is the one I did, using 200gms of 8 ply merino hand dyed and the gift was a craft bag on a swivel base:

This is the one I received - some gorgeous 8 ply BWM Luxury hand dyed in a beautiful red. For my gift I received some groovy fabric, a ball of green bamboo/cotton and two very cool pictures:

And here are some pics of some of the other fabulous swaps:

This weekend saw some fabulous items being created by everyone - there was (of course) much knitting done, but also yarn dyeing:

The first two pictures are of Kate dyeing her yarn, and the following two show all the yarn drying and then mine all hanked up (thanks Kate for doing that!). I will be adding a quick tutorial on my blog for how I dye my yarn, so watch for that in the next few weeks - it's loads of fun!

And, finally, some sewing for and from the weekend. I owed someone a little something for a swap for some yarn, so I made her a wip (work in progress) bag and added some cotton (forgot to take a pic of the cotton):

And, finally, I made a skirt, thanks to the wonderful Jo (Crazy Crafter NZ):

All up we covered many crafts between us. There was knitting, sewing, crocheting, spinning, and I'm sure others, but I've forgotten!

Phew! That's it I think :)


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