Saturday, June 12, 2010

New additions to our family!

Meet Jasper (or maybe Jethro)

and Eddie (or maybe Van)!!

On Wednesday we were very fortunate to welcome into our family two little feline babies. The SPCA was running a promotion on Friday to help clear their backlog of cats and kittens. Instead of the usual fee to adopt a cat/kitten they were giving them away for free on Friday and the kittens are desexed, vaccinated, wormed, defleaed and microchipped (the usual fee for a kitten is $210).

I decided to go in on Wednesday and see what they had there, so that if any of the wee darlings appealed I could be there first thing Friday. Well, Tessa and I went in and the only kittens that were quite young (which is what we were looking for) were two wee ginger tabbies that were about 9 weeks old (brothers) - the rest were about 4/5 months old. The wee ginger ones (well, one is cameo - a slightly paler ginger) were very cute and active, so I picked up Fin and Ollie from school (Izzy was at a friend's) and we went back so they could see if they liked them.

I was told that if we wanted them we could take them that day and they would not charge us (as I'd mentioned about the Free Feline Friday). The boys were very keen (as in, begging!), so I told the assistant that we would like to adopt them both, but could we collect them on Thursday morning as we had no transport cages with us. She instantly produced two transport boxes and said we could take them in those, so we did! Each box also contained a hand knitted blanket for us to keep - how awesome is that?!

I certainly was not expecting to come home with two kittens when I'd gone in that day and we feel very lucky, as some friends went in on Friday but missed out because all the kittens had been adopted already.

Our babies were even tv stars for a day! They featured on Close Up when they did a segment about the SPCA promotion. It was quite weird watching them on TV while they played at our feet in our living room! They are very cute and ultra energetic and playful - heaps of fun. The kids adore them already and they've been so good - no accidents (touch wood).


  1. I really like Jethro and Van! And I feel all clucky when I see your kittens!

  2. Hehe! Kim and I both really like Jethro and Van too - but the kids are mystfied, lol!!

  3. Too cute. I like Jethro and Eddie.


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