Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My first Looking Glass Longies

On the crafty weekend away I started my first ever pair of Looking Glass Longies - using the lovely soft Possum Merino yarn provided by my customer. I'd just like to say that this pattern is sheer genius! Being in a large room surrounded by many other crafty women all chatting and crafting away and trying to cast on and grapple with the first part of these longies was a bit of a mission I must say, but with the help and advice of the other lovely knitters who have knitted these before, I managed to do it - error free!

The construction of these longies is amazing - if you haven't knitted them before it's quite mystifying how they're going to work, but wow! Very, very cool. I was a tad worried that these might be a bit small for the recipient, but they fit really well, with enough room for growth.

I'm looking forward to knittting many more of these, using different yarns and colourways - they're perfect for winter for day wear and also fabulous at night over cloth nappies. Feel free to contact me for information about pricing and sizing of these very cool longies.

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