Friday, October 14, 2011

Playing house

Last weekend we got a new chest freezer as the freezer part of our fridge freezer is tiny and for a family of 6, it makes it very difficult to plan ahead with meals or have much of anything on hand. So, new chest freezer collected and installed - yay!! What to do with the huge box it came in? Why, turn it into a house of course ;)

A lovely friend and her children came to our house yesterday and with the help of a clever 11 year old, Izzy and Tess cut out a door and painted the box and today Izzy and Tess decorated it with flowers. Tah dah!!

Let's try and ignore the 'extra' painting that occurred at the same time ;)
In other news, Ollie played in a futsal tournament yesterday and his team won, which was great to see. So he came home a happy, if not pretty exhausted boy!!

The kids have all had sleepovers and movie trips and playdates these holidays, so despite some pretty crappy weather (we had a hail storm today!) they've still managed to have a good time.

Here are three of them snuggling under a blanket together after a lovely Christening we went to at the weekend - awww! We got to meet an old friend's latest addition to her family - an absolutely gorgeous wee girl ♥
And while the kids were snuggling, I was doing exactly what I am now - enjoying a lovely cup of tea :)

Recently I participated in a kitchen tea swap with some friends. These are the lovely goodies I received, two lovely (and much needed) tea towels, a cute wee pink notepad, an awesome knitted and sewn hand towel for the kitchen (pictured below in use already, alongside some choc hip cookies Ollie made) and some scrummy chocolates (which lasted all of 3 minutes!). Lucky me!!

 Here's what I sent to my recipient:

(her photo as I didn't get one of all of it together)

Right, that's enough from me. I hope you all have a lovely weekend - I'll be busy knitting and crocheting :)


  1. Awesome house. I remember we got a new fridge when I was 3 or 4 and I got the box ... it was a spaceship, LOL!

  2. Now I wish I would have gotten a box with our chest freezer! We bought ours nearly 3 years ago for the exact same reason as you! Our small freezer on the fridge didn't fit the food for our family of 6! My kiddos would have had a great time playing with the box! Unfortunately, we had ours delivered and they took the box off before they brought it in our home.


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