Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogtober fest fail!

Yikes! I think I'm supposed to be posting everyday during October, but have failed miserably already! Ah well, I'll do what I can and that'll be fine :) 

The school holidays are nearly over and we've done very little in the way of activities outside the house this time, as I've been sick with a nasty cold that has lingered for a week and a half so far. The kids have been amazing though, with the boys going off to play soccer down at the school, or doing things with friends, and Izzy having play dates with friends as well. We've had a few sleepovers, with the kids going to friends for them and having friends here. So, although we haven't 'done' a lot, the kids have been happy and relaxed and so have I - most of the time! Of course, there have been some rather aggravating sibling rivalry moments, and some mother/child 'discussions' (possibly slightly heated at times!), but overall it's been quite pleasant.

Knitting-wise I'm so far behind in getting enough stock for Craft 2.0 it's freaking me out slightly (well, a lot!) but I can only do what I can do, so I'm plodding along. I will have stuff to sell, but just not as much as I'd ideally like.

I'm also quite keen to do some sewing, but my poor sewing machines (yes, plural) have been sadly neglected of late. Come November all that will change and I shall be having some fun - some selfish knitting and sewing will be going on, to create some lovely items for my kids, my family and friends. Christmas is fast approaching, so I'd better get my A into G for that too!  Wouldn't it be nice if time could just slow down a bit sometimes?!

I have finished one item in the last few days - yes, another for Craft 2.0. It's another Kaia Babydoll, knitted in BWM cotton and striped this time, just for a change. It's a size 12 months (not a great picture, as it's still got ends to sew in and hasn't been blocked yet).

Right, I'd better go and get organised and take the girls out of the house for a bit as both boys have gone to a friend's house for a while.

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