Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Magic Adam

I am slowly amassing a good collection of Anchor Magicline cottons - only I'm going to be too afraid to actually knit them up as Anchor Magicline has been discontinued and once it's gone, it's gone baby! Anyway, this is a colourway I don't love (and have 10 balls of) so I thought I'd knit it into an Eden's Adam, by designer Georgie Hallam (tikki on Ravlery). It's actually knit up much better than I anticipated and I really like the finished product!

This one's a size 2 and is a perfect summer top.


  1. Gosh that's cute. My baby is just about to be born and I should try some summer knits as she won't want to be wrapped in wool as a 3month old in January. Perhaps I should run by Spotlight and get some MagicLine?

  2. That's a great idea, though unfortunately you'll have to use a different type of cotton as Magicline has been discontinued and is very difficult to get hold of now.


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