Monday, October 4, 2010

Paige Babydoll

I thought I'd already blogged about this, but when I went to look I realised I haven't! So here we go ...

I currently have the cottage licenses for Rachel Evans' Kaia Babydoll and Spring Butterfly and recently I was delighted to test a sister Babydoll to the Kaia - the Paige Babydoll by Rachel Evans. It was a pleasure to knit, especially as I was using some lovely soft yarn from 100Purewool in the Santino colourway.

There are two options with this gorgeous wee babydoll top - a full skirt option and a cabled option (which is what I did). It's due for release soon, so keep an eye out - it's a lovely quick knit which looks lovely on and is practical for all year round wear. It can be knit in sizes newborn to 5T.




  1. Absolutely cute! Have to find a pattern to make my daughter one

  2. Thanks Jess :) The pattern is due to be released soon - keep checking the link above for Rachel Evans's patterns on Ravelry, it'll show up there when it's available.


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