Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blossom Bolero

Another test knit for me! This time the gorgeous pattern is from designer Katherine Oxlade-Knack (StitchyMama on Ravelry) and I had fun with this cute wee bolero cardiagn - it's perfect for over cute dresses or as a slightly warmer layer in summer. This 18 month sized, long sleeved version is knit in WOOLganics 100% organic merino yarn and has a picot trim. I can't wait to knit it again with the bell pleat finish and short sleeved, as I think it's so cute and practical at the same time.

I managed to mess up the edge a little bit, so the buttons are probably slightly further apart than they should be, but I'll get it perfect next time - it was a case of me not concentrating properly and doing it late at night!

I really love this pattern, and if you think it would be a great pattern to add to my custom collection, let me know - make a comment on this post.

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